Why Us

At Go Motorhome Hire, our goal is to provide you with a friendly and knowledgeable service, the latest motorhome and the easiest way to see sights and delights of UK and Europe. Holidays should be fun and stress-free. And that’s why, when you’re book your holiday, we strive to make hiring a motorhome the simplest part of the whole process. That’s why we promise an honest, expert and affordable service, completely free of any hidden charges. How do we do this? It’s easy – with these three simple steps:


With Go Motorhome Hire, picking out your ideal motorhome is simple and easy. You can browse our wide selection of small, medium and large vehicles online. All motorhomes are updated every year to the latest model and spec so you’re sure to find the perfect one that fits your requirements. And if you want a closer look, simple visit one of our many motorhome storage sites across the UK. You will be greeted by our friendly and experienced team, who will show you around the various motorhomes available and answer any questions you have.

Rental packages

Planning 3 days away? Or a 2-week holiday? Whatever the length of your trip, we have a rental package to suit your requirements and budget. Broken down into four packages - Bronze, Silver, Gold and EU Travel - each one offers a range of features to make your motorhome as comfortable as possible. Do you want to cycle along scenic routes, bring your friendly furry companion for some long morning walks or even tour Europe? Each of our packages are designed to ensure maximum comfort, practicality and affordability.

Book & pack

The next step is simple. Once you’ve picked out your dream motorhome and rental package, tell us your holiday dates and we’ll get everything booked. All you need to do is pack! We provide complete guidance throughout the whole booking process so you’re fully aware of all the necessary information as you hire. Plus, all costs are given upfront with no hidden charges. We’ll also keep paperwork to an absolute minimum and if you need to have a chat with a member of our team, we’re only a phone call away. So, if you’re looking for a friendly, straightforward and affordable motorhome hire service give us a call today on 0203-816-0401 or email and let’s plan your unforgettable adventure.